Our Results

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Achieving Results

At Benefit Recovery Group, we always double, and often, triple our clients’ recoveries compared with their previous subrogation vendor.  These stem from our innovative case identification process that allows us to identify and work more cases, our expertise that allows us to recover more on each case, and our direct accountability model.

Our clients are not only happy with their recovery results, but also with our ability to provide immediate legal guidance and eliminate member disruption and confusion.

“Benefit Recovery has delivered on every promise…. Our subrogation recoveries have more than doubled…”

– Vice President, Benefits, Fortune 500 Healthcare Delivery Company

Our Results

Direct Accountability

Benefit Recovery Group is the only subrogation provider focused solely on serving the subrogation needs of the largest employers.  We want our clients to be able to hold us directly accountable for the results they deserve.

Our Unique Approach to Case Identification and Recoveries

Our initial task for each new client is to audit and review their prior 24-months of health claims data. We do this because we always find subrogation opportunities that the previous vendors missed. We also immediately begin reviewing new claims on a going-forward basis.  The review process starts with identifying subrogation opportunities utilizing an innovative process that allows us to identify all of our subrogation cases without ever contacting your members; no calls or questionnaires.  In other words, we do not use your members as part of our investigative process like every other subrogation vendor. Once we confirm a subrogation opportunity as an actual subrogation case, we protect our clients’ interests within 24-hours of confirmation.  Finally, case negotiators under the supervision of Tom Lawrence are then responsible for securing the maximum per case recoveries.

Legal Expertise and Reputation

Tom’s reputation for exceptional legal expertise within the personal injury bar and track record of litigations success allows us to command higher settlement amounts without the need for litigation. There are multiple legal steps Tom can take on behalf of our clients that avoid litigation, but result in higher recoveries.

This legal expertise is provided at no additional cost to our clients. Our clients are never stuck in the position of having to weigh the value of additional subrogation recoveries versus the legal cost of securing those recoveries. This is a value that no other subrogation partner can provide.