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Health Plan Subrogation

Employers that receive subrogation as part of a bundled package of services from their Third-Party Administrators (TPAs) fail to recover simple dollars, jeopardize member care, and receive little guidance and communication.

1. Significantly Increased Recoveries

We have at least doubled, and in many cases tripled, the subrogation recoveries for each of our clients.

2. Eliminating Member Disruption

Traditionally, TPAs and subrogation vendors send questionnaires to plan members when a potential case is identified. They are using your members as part of their investigation process.  The resulting confusion and disruption among members often translates into headaches for HR. Benefit Recovery Group has effectively eliminated this “member noise”. In fact, all of our subrogation cases are identified without any member contact.

3. Legal Expertise

Legal expertise and reputation is critical for maximizing subrogation recoveries. Our clients pay no additional fees for legal representation.

4. No Financial Risk

We will never invoice you.  Instead, we are compensated only when we recover on your behalf. This business model ensures that we are working efficiently and diligently for you.

5. Easy Administration

Our setup process requires minimal time and effort on your part. We will do the heavy lifting. It’s that simple.

6. Four Key Process Differentiators

We identify more cases, we work all cases regardless of size, we confirm notice of liens faster, and we negotiate higher recovery amounts.

7. Client Satisfaction

Our 100% client retention rate over nearly two decades speaks to the value we provide our clients.

8. Professional Partnership

We have experts that will guide you when you are unsure of legal requirements or are put in the difficult position of weighing your fiduciary responsibilities to the plan versus the needs of a member.

“Typically your TPA manages subrogation and there are some problems with that. In my experience, they are not as efficient. They only work select claims. They are only looking at claims that are over a certain percentage. Benefit Recovery is different.”

– Vice President, Benefits, Fortune 500 Healthcare Delivery Company

Our Services