Compensation Recovery

In addition to securing recoverable compensation dollars our clients’ are aware of, BRG’s Compensation Recovery Team helped one client determine that 76% of its eligible recovery dollars were going unidentified.

Compensation Recovery Services

Employers without the dedicated resources or time required to effectively manage the compensation recovery process walk away from dollars that they are owed. If they do attempt to manage the process internally, employers risk decision-making bias, unapproved manager discretion, or gaps in efforts.

Without an effective process, former employees experience minimal compensation recovery efforts or reminders on their outstanding balance and are unlikely to see any risk from not fulfilling their reimbursement obligations. Many of our clients have told us that rumors of sporadic and inconsistent compensation recovery efforts quickly spread among employees, making the legitimacy of these repayment obligations even more challenging to enforce.

Benefit Recovery Group has full-time staff dedicated to managing each and every reimbursement from beginning to end. We provide:

• Consulting to develop a unique compensation recovery process to fit your organization
• Contractual/Payroll Balance Confirmation
• FICA Tax Letter Administration
• Confirmation Tracking and Receipt of Outstanding Balance Notice
• Communication and Coordination with all Involved Parties
• Phone Call Reminders
• Payment Plan Administration/Monthly Invoicing
• Accounts Receivable Confirmation and Administration
• Facility/ Region / Program Reimbursement Reporting
• Legal Advisement and Representation

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