Our Risk-Free Compensation Recovery Services

At Benefit Recovery Group, we will consult with you to understand your needs and current processes to create a compensation recovery process specific for your organization that will remove you and your team from the process, maximize recoveries, and ensure your reputation as a community partner and preferred employer is maintained. BRG will then do all the work necessary to recover the maximum amount on each case, even for cases where the repayment amount is minimal.

1. Simple Process and No Out-of-Pocket Costs

Setup is minimal and there is zero risk and no out-of-pocket costs as we are only compensated when we recover. BRG will consult with you and your team to better understand the current process, where the compensation information is stored, and your desired result. We will then build and operate an effective Compensation Recovery process that will remove this burden from you and your team and leave us responsible for securing recoveries. We will only be compensated when we recover on your behalf.

2. Consistency

Consistency of process is critical from an employment law and collection standpoint. BRG acts as a non-biased third party with consistent processes systemwide, which protects our clients from inconsistent recoveries and allegations of bias.

3. Better Use of Resources

Our clients believe that company time can be better used supporting current employees rather than collecting debts from former employees. Plus, outsourcing their clawback programs to BRG avoids uncomfortable conversations with former colleagues.

4. Employee-Friendly Process

BRG believes that the likelihood of a successful negotiation greatly increases if both parties have a positive mindset. Each member of BRG’s Clawback Team is trained to treat everyone with respect and dignity, which maintains our clients’ reputations as preferred employers.

5. Flexible Payment Options

There is no need to resort to a collection agency or negotiated settlements for pennies on the dollar. BRG has a dedicated team that works tirelessly and respectfully and offers multiple repayment options to recover more dollars, including tailored payment plans and the convenience of 24/7 credit card repayment portals.