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Recovery Services Offered by Benefit Recovery Group

Benefit Recovery Group provides significant cost savings for our clients by recovering dollars through health plan subrogation and compensation recovery services. For more than two decades, we have differentiated ourselves by offering superior legal expertise and negotiating leverage, significantly increased recoveries, member-friendly processes, a first-class customer experience, unmatched technology, and continuous innovation. Our clients include health plan administrators and many of the largest Fortune 500 employers in the United States.

Subrogation Services

Your company is paying healthcare costs that are the responsibility of some other party and is entitled to be reimbursed. Your plan administrator or the administrator’s third-party vendor is likely contacting your plan members thousands of times every year to identify the reimbursement opportunities. This process is costing the plan recovery dollars and creating a disruptive member experience. Benefit Recovery Group specializes in health plan subrogation utilizing a recovery process built on our legal negotiating leverage and that requires ZERO member contact. This innovative process delivers significantly increased recoveries and a much-improved member experience for our Fortune 500 clients.

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Compensation Recovery Services

Many employers offer generous sign-on bonuses, tuition reimbursement, and other monetary benefits to attract and retain top talent. In many of these cases, there are either few or inconsistently applied consequences when an employee doesn’t uphold their end of the bargain, leaving the employer’s valuable resources wasted. Benefit Recovery Group provides a simple, one-of-a-kind service to recover those resources.

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