Benefit Recovery Group Expands to Pre-Bill TPL Review

Nov 29, 2023

Adding a Pre-Bill TPL Review Solution Enhances Capabilities to Create an End-to-End Cost Containment Solution for TPL Complex Claims

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Benefit Recovery Group (“BRG”), a trusted health plan subrogation partner, announced today its expansion to pre-bill third party liability (TPL) and workers’ compensation review.

This expansion results in a best-in-class suite of subrogation solutions that provide technology-enabled services designed to reduce costs for providers, health plans and consumers.

“This addition means we’ll provide comprehensive pre-bill review and post-pay recovery solutions to create an end-to-end cost containment service for TPL and workers’ compensation complex claims that service not only health plans and their members, but also providers and their patients,” said Laura Hescock, CEO of BRG. “Integrating pre-bill review talent and technology into our operations will benefit our clients by revealing the full story for complex claims by increasing our ability to identify and return untapped value at every step of the claims process.”

The addition of a pre-bill TPL and workers’ compensation review solution represents a pivotal step forward in closing the loop on cost containment for complex claims involving third party liability and worker’s compensation. BRG’s new pre-bill review solution leverages technology to integrate with provider systems, analyze bills before they are released, provide insight into who is responsible for a claim, allow for swift corrective action, improve claims process efficiency, and ultimately reduce costs by correctly routing claims to the appropriate party responsible to ensure payment accuracy.

As a result of the addition, BRG will continue to enhance the pre-bill review solution’s capabilities, accelerate development of new technologies and grow and serve its customers.

“In an industry as complex and competitive as healthcare, it is absolutely essential that our clients identify and seize every opportunity to champion their patients’ and plan members’ experiences,” said Hescock. “There is a service problem and an efficiency problem in the subrogation sector, and that’s why BRG is combining a patient and member-first mindset, the latest technology and end-to-end insights to help our clients differentiate themselves through accuracy, speed, positive experiences and, most importantly, savings.”

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Headquartered in Memphis, Tenn., Benefit Recovery Group, LLC, (BRG), provides technology-enabled pre-bill review and post-pay subrogation solutions for complex third-party liability (TPL) and workers’ compensation claims that improve payment accuracy, maximize savings, increase recovery speed and provide a positive experience for providers and patients and for health plans and plan members. BRG illuminates the full story behind complex claims sparking opportunities for measurable savings and returns and empowering providers, health plans and consumers to take control of healthcare costs. For more information, please visit

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